Encore Fellowships

Experience. Passion. Purpose.

Aspiranet has a 37-year legacy of inter-generational work and is amongst the nation’s leading innovators in the encore movement which seeks to leverage the passion, experience and talents of America’s 78 million baby boomers to help solve the most pressing problems in society. Aspiranet offers a variety of on-ramps for seasoned professionals who want to capitalize on skills honed during their midlife careers in order to contribute to the nonprofit sector. In addition to the Aspiranet Encore Fellowships, our nationally-recognized Experience Corps program provides meaningful and impactful service opportunities for experienced adults.

According to U.S. Census figures the number of Americans over 55 will grow to 110 million in 2030. Neither young nor old, they represent an extraordinary resource. More than any generation before them, they are living longer, healthier lives and want to continue to stay active and engaged for decades to come. Ten thousand are retiring each day and millions are searching for a new stage of work beyond their mid-life career, a calling in the second half of life that contributes to the greater good and offers a renewed sense of purpose.

Recent research from Encore.org and the MetLife Foundation shows that as many as 9 million people, or 9 percent of all people ages 44 to 70 have made a major career change after age 40, or come out of retirement to do work that combines personal meaning, continued income and social purpose. Many others are interested in taking on roles that serve the greater good, but don’t know where to begin. Making the transition can be a significant undertaking.

Encore Fellowships are at the heart of a growing national trend of matching successful, highly skilled, experienced professionals at the end of their mid-life careers with social purpose organizations in order to further their missions. These paid, time-limited (typically year-long, 1,000-hour) positions deliver new sources of talent to organizations solving critical social problems and serve as an experiential pathway for fellows to transition into a new phase of work and contribution.

The primary focus of the Encore Fellowship is to complete a high impact project that furthers the fellows personal and professional development by applying prior work skills to a new sector and developing a network of relationships in the nonprofit sector. Fellows also participate in monthly cohort meetings to support them in their work assignments, and learn from leaders in the field and others who have made the transition from for-profit to nonprofit careers. Fellows are awarded a $25,000 stipend for their 12-month, half-time (1,000- hour) work assignments.

For more information on our Encore Fellowships, please review the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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