Aspiranet Benefits Summary (2013-2014)

Aspiranet offers a competitive, comprehensive benefits program for all full-time employees (35 – 40 hours per week) and their dependents, with a portion of the costs absorbed by the employer.  Health benefits start 90 days from the first day of the month following hire date. Please contact your H.R. representative for additional information regarding your benefits.

Medical Plans
Employees may choose medical benefits from Kaiser Permanente or Anthem Blue Cross HMO, HIA, or PPO, including low co-pays for doctor visits and prescription drugs.  Employee medical coverage is provided at no cost under the high deductible PPO plan.  Offering four medical plans provides employees more choice in calculating out-of-pocket premiums and medical co-pay expenses.

Dental Plan
Dental insurance coverage is provided at no cost to the employee by Assurant.  Employees have the choice of either a Dental DHMO (in-network providers) or Dental PPO which offers additional dental providers for a small, monthly out-of-pocket premium.

Vision coverage is a supplemental voluntary benefit provided by Blue Cross Blue View.  We offer two vision plans: Option #1 is a materials-only plan and Option #2 is a materials plus eye exam plan.  Both plans allow employees to purchase cost-reimbursed lenses or contacts once a year and frames every 2 years at a participating vision materials provider.

Life Insurance/EAP
Aspiranet provides all benefit-eligible employees with life insurance and behavioral health services at no cost!  Anthem Blue Cross administers our group life insurance plan which provides for a $25,000 life insurance policy with an additional $25,000 for ADD.  Aetna Resources for Living EAP provides employees with a confidential 800 number to access behavioral health services and financial and legal consultation free of charge through their Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Retirement Plan
All employees who have worked for Aspiranet over one year, a minimum of 1000 hours per year, and are 21 years of age, are automatically enrolled in the Agency-sponsored Retirement Plan (401a 1%) through California Investment Trust. Employees receive 1% of annual salary and are 100% vested after two years of service.  Additionally, employees may invest, and are vested immediately, through pre-tax salary deductions into a 403 b Employee Retirement Plan offered by CIT.

Voluntary Benefits
Additional voluntary benefits may be purchased through Assurant and Symetra for employees and their dependents such as life insurance, short and long term disability Insurance, and medical cost reimbursement insurance.  Section 125 Medical and Dependent Care, Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) may be purchased through Flex-Plan Services, Inc, and funded through pre-tax payroll deductions.

Credit Union
Employees may belong to Provident Credit Union or Golden One, which offers low cost loans, IRAs, checking accounts, et al.

State Benefits
Unemployment insurance, disability insurance, paid family leave, and worker’s compensation are all state benefits offered to employees regardless of hours worked.

Vacation/Sick Leave/Holidays
Regular Full-Time employees accrue 10 vacation days per year, 10 sick days per year, and 10 holidays per year which may be used immediately upon hire.  After 3 years, employees accrue 15 days of vacation, after 4 years, employees accrue 20 days, and after 9 years, employees accrue 25 days of vacation.  Most programs offer a paid employee’s birthday holiday which must be taken either on or within 30 days of the event.

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