Wraparound In-Home Early Prevention Services

Offering community support to youth

Aspiranet’s Wraparound Program is a strength based, family centered, individualized program offering opportunities for youth to remain in or return to a family setting. The program is developed for youth under the age of 19 who are still enrolled in school and are either in foster care or on probation, are adopted and receiving assistance from the Adoption Assistance Program,or qualify under AB 2526 educational/mental health services. The goal of Wraparound is to do “Whatever It Takes” to help families and youth develop the skills, confidence and capacity to self-sufficiently be able to handle the challenges that life offers.

Established through Senate Bill 163 in 1997, Wraparound offers a community based in-home approach to supporting kids and families facing difficult emotional and behavioral challenges, while children remain in their home or are placed with a foster family.

Wraparound staff support and promote self-sufficiency and flexibility between the families and their children. The team’s approach allows families and children to understand their needs and strengths, and develop strategies to meet those needs and be self-sufficient in the future.

Wraparound service staff offers three direct service roles supporting and assisting kids and families: a Facilitator, Parent Partners, and Youth Support Counselors. The Facilitator is responsible for enabling the team process and tracking the success or struggles of current approaches. Parent Partners are available for comfort and support to the caregivers, having themselves experienced the challenges and adversities caregivers may be going through. The Youth Support Counselors work directly with youth at home, at school, and in the community in efforts to help the youth overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.

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