Valley Oaks School Turlock

Creating Successful Students By Building Self-Esteem

Aspiranet’s Valley Oaks School provides students with the tools they need to learn to manage emotional and/or learning disabilities and thrive academically. Valley Oaks School aims to help struggling students master important social skills and improve communications with both their peers and adults. The ultimate goal of Valley Oaks School is to aid in the educational advancement of students and help them return to a public school setting.

Aspiranet is dedicated to providing students at Valley Oaks School with a superior education in an environment that fosters success. Teachers at Valley Oaks School are highly qualified; they are credentialed through the State Commission on Teacher Credentials in the specialized area of mild to moderate handicaps. All staff are trained to work with students who are behaviorally challenged and require extreme interventions. A school counselor is also available to assist students on an as-needed basis to provide group and individual support.

Through the guidance of the skilled and devoted staff, students gain the ability to excel with their peers at their developmental grade level. Students are provided instruction in a small, structured environment with low student to staff ratios, to allow maximum individual attention, providing each student with the opportunity to excel. Valley Oaks School is designed to help students develop competence in the skills of reading, writing, spelling and mathematics, while generating enthusiasm for the learning process and building self-confidence.

Valley Oaks School offers a full academic program at all levels from primary to 8th grade. Located in Turlock, California, the school provides younger students from surrounding communities the individualized attention necessary to address both their emotional conflicts and learning handicaps.

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