Specialty Mental Health Programs

Caring and Comfort During Crisis

The world is complex, life is unpredictable, and when crisis hits, it is unexpected. Thanks to Aspiranet’s network of Specialty Mental Health Programs, children, teens and families have someone to turn to in times of crisis.

Crisis comes in many forms – mental health challenges, family disruptions, traumatic events or involvement with drugs and alcohol. Whatever the cause, Aspiranet is at the ready, on call and available to help ease the pain.

Working with county mental health departments and school districts, Aspiranet’s specialty mental health programs are intensive and comprehensive. Our goal is to reach out and help young people and adults navigate through the complexities of life and provide them with the skills needed to make the right choices.

Treatment is often provided at school,  the place where many crisis situations come to a head. School staffs and their students face crises with increasing frequency and have limited resources to address them.

Aspiranet’s Specialty Mental Health Programs include:

  • Individual and/or group counseling services – Helping youth to navigate to developmental milestones and obtain the skills needed to make positive choices.
  • Anger management – Teaching at-risk youth acceptable ways of expressing anger and how to minimize violent behavior.
  • Support services for teachers and counselors – Providing workshops, seminars and training to enable school personnel to address the therapeutic needs of students.
  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefing Program – Providing on-site counselors in response to a school site traumatic event as well as follow up counseling.
  • Chemical Dependency Programs – Offering educational outpatient alcohol/drug treatment programs for adults seeking a sober lifestyle.
  • The goals of each and every program are to equip all people, young and old alike, with the skills and confidence needed to face adversity head on and tackle crisis situations with confidence.


  • Stanislaus County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services
  • Merced County Department of Mental Health
  • Modesto City Schools
  • Center for Human Services/ Hutton House
  • Counties- Monterey County DSES, Monterey County Children’s Behavioral Health
  • Community Based Organizations- Rebekah Children’s Services Wraparound, CASA,
  • Downey Unified School District, Long Beach Unified, Bellflower Unified School District, and ABC Unified School District.

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