Safe Care Home Visiting Early Intervention Services Ventura

Helping At-Risk Families Succeed at Home

In Ventura County, Aspiranet’s Safe Care Home program provides a safety net for families who are at-risk or have been reported for child mistreatment. By intervening early and often, the Safe Care program helps to prevent potentially serious family problems before they escalate to dangerous levels.

Aspiranet’s staff of trained and certified home visitors meet once a week with parents in their homes and train them to interact with their children in a more safe, effective and loving manner. By taking a hands-on approach, Aspiranet’s Safe Care program helps to prevent minor problems before they become major ones.

Over a period of 18-20 weeks, Safe Care trainers share information and usable techniques from a three-tiered curriculum. Safe Care training helps promote better health, home safety, hazard prevention and improved parent and child interactions. Parents learn to recognize, prevent and treat medial problems; prevent accidents and injuries by making the home environment safer and hazard free: provide stimulating age-appropriate activities for their children and how to address and solve day-to-day problems as they arise. The end results of Safe Care Training are less instances of child abuse and neglect, better functioning families and much happier homes.

Safe Care trainers know that practice makes perfect so parents are not only taught how to effectively parent, they practice their new skills and are assessed as they progress through the multi-step program.

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