Pathways in Ventura County

Ensuring Child Safety and Well Being

Established in 2009, Aspiranet’s Pathways in Ventura County program is another component to complement Ventura County’s Differential Response approach, which aims to ensure child safety, security and well being. Pathways successfully achieves this goal on behalf of children 8 years and older by increasing the ability of service providers to respond to and engage with families at the very first signs of concern.

The Pathways program receives referrals when it becomes clear that a family’s circumstances are putting their children at risk for abuse and neglect. Pathways Parent Mentors intervene and act as a source of support to one or both parents, providing in-home services to assess areas of concern that require work.

Every child deserves to feel safe and loved in his or her own home, and Pathways makes that possible. Through education and coaching from a Parent Mentor, parents can implement practical techniques to enhance parenting skills and the overall function and unity of the family. Pathways also provides parents with a connection to helpful resources, such as housing and low-cost childcare.

Aspiranet’s Pathways program serves families throughout Ventura County. Services generally last between 12 – 16 weeks and meetings between the family and Parent Mentor occur once per week for two hours. Pathways has three Parent Mentors who can serve 36 Ventura families at any one time. Families who require assistance are offered support in range of areas, including access to housing, employment, food and nutrition education, medical care, parent education, psychological services, transportation and child care.

Pathways of Ventura County helps to secure child safety and welfare and assists parents who need tools to improve parenting skills and parent-child relationships. Donations would help support monthly group sessions with families and children to provide education and promote socialization and peer support.

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