Intensive Treatment Foster Care

Provide a Nurturing Home for a Child with Special Needs

Since 1997, Aspiranet’s Intensive Treatment Foster Care (ITFC) Program has placed severely emotionally disturbed children with foster families willing to care for them. These specially trained families provide a stable alternative to institutional care for children who need a home-based treatment program with enriched support services. The program supports foster parents with effective therapeutic intervention that assures each child’s treatment is goal directed, outcome specific, and behaviorally oriented. The benefit is a long-term foster home placement with intensive counseling, case management, education, and the support services needed to create a nurturing environment for children to thrive.

Support for Family Success

  • Weekly individual and/or group therapy
  • In-home behavioral support
  • Round-the-clock emergency response plan;
  • Psychiatric consultation
  • Medication assessments, testing, and emergency response;
  • Immediate access to mental health professionals
  • Treatment plans within the first 30 days
  • Respite for foster parents up to 48 hours per month

Hundreds of youth are currently residing in group homes across the state that would thrive in a family setting with experienced resource parents. Are you willing to help support children with significant behavioral needs? Aspiranet will help with training and education. You provide the sense of humor, patience and maturity. Families participating in this program must be willing to be a member of an extensive youth support team and be comfortable with a number of professionals working with them and the youth in their home.

Every child deserves the right to live with a family. This program allows children to live in families while receiving the additional support they need to be successful. You can help. Contact us today.

Counties Served
Fresno, Monterey, Santa Clara and, San Bernardino, Stanislaus, Tulare, and Ventura

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