In-Home Therapy (ICM) Ventura

Helping Families Stay Together

During times of difficulty, Aspiranet is there to help families. The Aspiranet In-Home Therapy Program (ICM) has been serving parents who are at risk of or have already had their children removed by the Child Welfare System.

Parents are referred to ICM by social workers from Ventura County Human Services Agency – Children and Family Services, an ICM partner. Referrals include court-ordered therapy for parents, in order to begin the important process of reunification with their children. ICM assigns a clinician to parents, who then receive up to 20 weeks or short-term, solution-focused treatment to assist with addressing their therapeutic needs. The ultimate goal of treatment is to improve the safety and stability of the home environment, for the well-being and emotional comfort of children. Parents are also provided with access to helpful community resources when necessary or required.

Since its beginning in 1997, the In-Home Therapy Program has served over 650 families. ICM assists up to 36 families at a time, throughout Ventura County. Through the requirement of evidence-based, therapeutic treatment, ICM produces an increase in emotional well-being and family functioning for parents and children. Treatment includes progress toward the established required treatment plan and goals.

Please call 805.289.0120 or contact us here. We care. Aspiranet is here to help you.

While the In-Home Therapy Program hopes to serve all Ventura County families who require assistance, the need for services far outweighs the funding available and there is a waiting list to receive help.

Additional funds would support an increase of one full-time therapist. This additional staff could increase number of families seen by twenty five a year. Please consider making a monetary donation so the Aspiranet In-Home Therapy Program can continue to support and unite families.

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