Foster Care

Helping children become heroes, not statistics

Aspiranet believes that there is great inner potential inside every child. What began thirty-five years ago as a small group home for six young boys in Moss Beach, Calif., is today considered one of the state’s largest and most innovative providers of family service and foster care programs.

There are currently over 60,000 children in foster care in California. Children become foster children by no fault of their own. Working together with a statewide network of social service providers and more than 500 certified Aspiranet foster families, children who are removed from their homes find comfort and care when placed with safe, secure and nurturing foster families.

Aspiranet is committed to not only finding homes for foster children, they are dedicated to finding the “right” homes. They go to great lengths to place children with families where they will fit in and thrive. Whether foster care placement lasts for a few days or a few years, Aspiranet’s goal is to provide foster children with stability and permanency.

Of course, the key component to any foster care equation is the actual foster parents themselves. No matter how many foster children Aspiranet helps, they know that there are thousands more still waiting. It’s this great need that motivates Aspiranet to work tirelessly to recruit new foster parents and train and support those who have already stepped up. It is a team effort and Aspiranet is always in your corner.

All children need more than a place to sleep and a hot meal. They need permanence, stability, safety, guidance and, most of all, love. When you become a foster parent, you help a child succeed. Consider joining the Aspiranet team.

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