Excell Center Turlock & Excell Readiness Center San Mateo

Youth Learning Responsibility, Self-discipline and Cooperation as a Foundation for Success

Aspiranet provides proven successful residential treatment at its Excell and Readiness Centers when placement into a foster family is not appropriate for the youth. These residential treatment programs provide safe, structured campus environments where youth, ages 10 to 18, can work through the issues that necessitated their placement, build self-esteem, develop positive relationships and continue their education within the public school system.

Excell Center participates in the National School Lunch Program. To learn more about this program, please visit http://www.aspiranet.org/national-school-lunch-program/

Excell Center
The Excell Center is the residential treatment program of the Aspiranet network, providing at-risk boys throughout California with educational and residential services.

At the Excell Center each boy starts off by creating his own individual treatment plan with the help of his treatment team, his parents, and placement workers, establishing clear goals for his academic, social and behavioral growth.

Treatment teams, consisting of child care staff, social workers, teachers, licensed clinicians and psychologists, track the boy’s progress and regularly reevaluate his goals, rewarding him with increasing privileges as he continuously acts more responsibly. He is also provided with weekly individual and group therapy, as well as family therapy, when appropriate, to help him understand the issues that caused him to be placed at the Excell Center.

The young men at the Excell Center live in traditional family homes either on the Excell Center campus or in the city of Turlock — six to eight boys to a home — with skilled and loving professional child care workers who act as surrogate parents.

Once a young man has met the goals he and his treatment team first established when entering Aspiranet’s Excell Center, he is eligible to either go home with his family or continue on to foster care.

Excell Readiness Center
The Aspiranet Excell Readiness Center serves as a facilitator for the creation of a system of public and private efforts directed toward ensuring that our most at risk youth become youth with promise to become healthy, productive, contributing members of the San Mateo County community.

The Aspiranet Excell Readiness Center provides short-term residence for youth who are in transition between foster or group home placements to prepare to be successful in his or her next placement. Located in San Mateo County, the Readiness Center has a capacity of 8, with separate areas for boys and girls. The staff consists of experienced child care professionals specially trained and experienced to work with behaviors or developmental issues presented by these youth. No youth will be turned away, given space availability and no youth will be ejected from the program.

A primary goal of Aspiranet’s Excell Readiness Center is to assist youth in valuing themselves through respect, integrity, courage and hope, allowing them to become constructive members of our community.The Readiness Center program provides supervision, daily activities, independent living skills development, mental health services, family visitation, medical services and psychiatric services in collaboration with the county’s Department of Children and Family Services.

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