Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment Program (EPSDT) for Children

Providing screening, diagnosis and treatment to children in need

The demand for children’s mental health services is continuing to increase, bringing to light the number of children who go underserved and undiagnosed, missing out on necessary medical coverage. Aspiranet has partnered with Ventura County Behavioral Health to provide behavioral health services to children ages 21 and under who are Medi-Cal eligible. The Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment program (EPSDT) allows children to get the medical services that they need while remaining in their homes and communities. Referrals into this program are made through Ventura County Behavioral Health. Upon referral, the child is assigned to an Aspiranet clinician. The clinician can provide both individual and family therapy in a community or home setting, allowing the child to maintain the stability of his/her current living status.

The overall goal of this program is to reduce the need for psychiatric hospitalization or placement disruption by allowing these children to get the health care they require. With early detection and diagnosis, many of these issues can be confronted without the added stress of removing a child from their home and creating a further unbalanced environment. EPSDT has provided mental health services to over 150 children since its creation. A large number of the youth in the EPSDT program are also living in Aspiranet foster homes, creating a continuation of care and improvement to the services provided. The needs for these children are continually growing and while Aspiranet is doing our best to remain on the forefront of service to these children, community support is always appreciated.

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