Because every child deserves a “forever family”

Aspiranet’s statewide adoption program is built on the belief that every child has the right to a permanent family that will provide him or her with love, security and a sense of belonging. Since 1998, Aspiranet has assisted over 1,000 adoptive families and has helped over 2,000 children transition from foster care to their own adoptive “forever families.”

Whenever possible, Aspiranet’s goal is to reunite foster children with their family of origin but this is not always an option. When a child cannot be reunited with birth parents, Aspiranet steps in to help facilitate the adoption process. Aspiranet’s adoption programs bring together children who need guidance and support with adults dedicated to making a positive difference in young lives.

While some people think there are many special qualifications to becoming an adoptive parent, this is simply not the case. Adoptive parents don’t need to be rich or married or even own their own homes. The only “true” qualifications are having a huge heart, a good sense of humor, a patient nature and a genuine love of children and parenting.

Whenever possible, Aspiranet attempts to keep siblings together which makes the adoption process much less traumatic for brothers and sisters. On top of that, we never give up on older children and teens. We know that teens need love just a much as children do and, time and again, have seen teenagers turn around their young lives after being adopted by a family that loves them.

We support our adoptive parents each and every step of the way. Information, mentoring, counseling, activities, support groups and educational support are all a part of Aspiranet adoption resources.  Our main goal is to connect every child, no matter his or her age, with a family that will become theirs for a lifetime.

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