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Aspiranet provides new home, new life for six California foster teens

Transitional Housing Placement Program encourages youths to gain independence and learn life skills prior to emancipation.

(VENTURA, CALIF.) – Six outstanding foster teens will have a new place to call home by April 15.

Teens currently in placement as foster children and on track to emancipate at the age of 18 often leave the system without a secure residence or birth family to live with. A recent funding opportunity from the County of Ventura will help Aspiranet, one of California’s largest nonprofit social services agencies, extend funding for its Transitional Housing Placement Program (THPP) and provide a stable living environment for six teenage girls between the ages of 16-18.

Youths will be referred to Aspiranet social workers by the County of Ventura. Robin Cruz-Bradley, THPP program manager at Aspiranet in Ventura, said six participants will be selected in part by their individual academic responsibilities and foster care situations.

“This is such a great opportunity for the young ladies entering this program,” said Kris Bennett, district director at Aspiranet’s Ventura office. “Although it is voluntary, the choice demonstrates a conscious decision to take control of their futures and be better prepared when the time comes to emancipate.”

Full-time house managers will reside in the Oxnard, Calif. home to provide support, counseling and encouragement. The young women will learn self-sufficiency in preparation for independence, including financial literacy, maintaining a home, caring for themselves, obtaining employment, learning to drive an automobile and pursuing individual goals.

One of the unique aspects of Aspiranet’s THPP program is that it allows for each teen to receive her bedroom furniture as a gift upon graduating from the residence.  “Having something to call their own as they start out in life is empowering,” Bennett said. “It gives our teens a sense of pride and purpose to excel as adults.”

To become a partner in the lives of young teens, or to make a donation to the program, contact Aspiranet Ventura at (805) 289-0120.

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About Aspiranet Ventura County
Established in 1992, Aspiranet Ventura County supports foster families, birth families, children, and siblings through a variety of programs, including its Sibling Connection Initiative, aimed at providing an opportunity for siblings placed in separate foster homes to reconnect.

Additional programming and services include: foster care, foster and relative adoption, intensive in-home support and behavioral services, providing parent mentors through Ventura County’s Pathways Differential Response program, and implementing its Transitional Housing Placement Program for emancipating 17-18 year olds.

As an advocate for all children and families served, Aspiranet provides a site for staff for the Partnership for Safe Families and Communities of Ventura County, the Designated Child Abuse Prevention Council, committed to the promotion of safe, healthy, and peaceful families in Ventura County.

Offices are located 1838 Eastman Ave., Ste. 100, Ventura. For more information, visit www.aspiranet.org or call (805) 289-0120.

Aspiranet Contacts:
Kris Bennett, MFT, District Director
Aspiranet Ventura County
(805) 289-0120
(805) 558-4855

Robin Cruz-Bradley, Program Manager THP-P
Aspiranet Ventura County
(805) 289-0120 office
(805) 320-5842 cell

Art Chaparro, Director of Development
(714) 788-3507

Media Contacts:
Consortium Media Services
Tina Vervoorn (805) 654-1564 ext. 117
Adrienne Stephens (805) 654-1564 ext. 116

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