John Reiber

John brings more than twenty-five years of healthcare and social services experience to his post.  He has spent a major portion of his career as the senior finance executive in large nonprofit hospitals throughout California. He has also served as corporate compliance officer responsible for overseeing the organizations compliance with various State and Federal laws and regulations.  Additionally, John has negotiated a wide variety of contracts with Blue Cross, MediCal, and Medicare. He has managed large operating and capital budgets as well as a number of departments including accounting, payroll, human resources, facilities and real estate development, contracting, business development, materials management, medical records, and information systems.
John is well versed in FASB, GASB, and GAAP and has working knowledge of fund accounting, federal grant accounting, and OMB regulations. He earned an MBA from University of California, Riverside, a master’s degree from Andrews University, and a bachelor’s degree from Walla Walla College in Washington.

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