Understanding AB 12: California eases the transition to adulthood for emancipating foster youth

The passage of AB 12 in September 2010 represents an important step forward for the California foster care system. AB 12 extends foster care benefits for eligible youth aging out of the foster care system in California. Instead of leaving youth without support after their 18th birthday, AB 12 provides transitional youth with access to resources and mentorship until they turn 21.

AB 12 will dramatically change the delivery of foster care services in California. Since September 2010, Aspiranet has collaborated closely with the John Burton Foundation and other coalition partners to manage the implementation of AB 12. Although the bill will not go into effect until January 2012, we receive many calls, emails and letters requesting clarification on the implications of AB 12 for foster parents, foster youth and our partner programs.

We have created an AB 12 awareness section on our website to provide easy-to-understand updates and information on the AB 12 implementation progress. Please check back periodically to stay informed. If you have any additional questions, contact us online or give us a call at 877.380.HERO.

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